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What is sellers.json?

sellers.json provides a method for buyers to discover who the entities are that are either direct sellers or intermediaries in the selling of digital advertising.

In the programmatic space, sellers.json is an accompanying IAB standard to ads.txt. Each is used on the Supplier side to state the source of inventory and relationship between the parties supplying it, and each can be used by Buyers to validate the legitimacy of the inventory they are buying. In essence:

Using ads.txt, publishers state their Suppliers and their trading status for certain inventory, i.e. direct or reseller

Using sellers.json, Suppliers state their publishers and their trading relationship, i.e publisher and/or intermediary.

How Sellers.Json validator help:

Here you can validate your sellers.json file by doing the simple method.

Paste the URL and click on validate

Source: Google

How sellers.json validator works?

If you have placed a sellers.json file in your websites and want to check, is it place valid or not?

You have to follow very simple step:

  • Just copy your domain or any URL of your website.
  • Paste into above search box and hit Enter
  • It will automatically checks and gives you status.

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